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Escape to Inspiration: Events, Retreats, and Meetings in the Rangeley Lakes Region

Are you seeking the perfect destination for your next event, retreat, or meeting? Look no further than the Rangeley Lakes Region, where breathtaking natural beauty meets outstanding event spaces. Discover how our idyllic setting and myriad adventure activities can elevate your team's or guests' creativity and boost morale.

Why Choose Rangeley Lakes Region for Your Event, Retreats and Meetings?

Corporate events are more than just business gatherings; they are opportunities to rejuvenate and inspire your team. Relocating your activities from the office to a neutral setting can work wonders for your team's motivation and innovation. In the Rangeley Lakes Region, we offer some of the most unique event spaces in the Western Mountains of Maine, complemented by an atmosphere that sets the stage for success.

Scenic Event Space in the Heart of Nature

Our Rangeley Events Spaces provide a variety of settings, from panoramic lakeside views to majestic mountain vistas and tranquil fields with hillside backdrops. The calming ambiance of the Rangeley Region creates the perfect environment to stimulate fresh ideas and foster collaboration among your team. When you choose our event and meeting venues, you're just a scenic two-and-a-half-hour drive away from Portland, Maine, allowing you to escape the city, unplug, recharge, and refocus.

Adventure Awaits

In the Rangeley Lakes Region, adventure is at your doorstep. We offer an array of activities that go beyond the traditional meeting room experience. Consider taking your meetings outdoors with walking or hiking meetings that get your blood flowing and your ideas flowing freely. Whether you have a small group or a large team, our diverse outdoor and indoor spaces can accommodate various party sizes and themes. Planning a company picnic? Need a venue for formal events like an anniversary celebration or executive retreat? Our event spaces are unmatched among retreat centers in Maine.

Flexible Meeting Accommodations

The Rangeley Lakes Region understands that every event is unique. That's why you can find flexible meeting accommodations for groups of all sizes. Our diverse lodging options ensure that your team or guests are comfortable and well-rested so they can make the most of their time in our scenic retreat destination.

Elevate your corporate events, retreats, and meetings to new heights in the Rangeley Lakes Region. Unplug from the daily grind, recharge your team's creativity, and foster a culture of innovation in a setting that inspires.

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Have you fallen in love with Rangeley? 

Ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Rangeley – a place that beckons with the promise of a life well-lived? Whether you've already fallen under the spell of this captivating town and are contemplating making it your permanent residence or second home, Rangeley offers a lifestyle unlike any other.

More than a mere gateway to outdoor escapades, Rangeley is a community that resonates with those who appreciate and thrive amidst nature's bounty. Residents are those who not only cherish the town's natural resources but also contribute to its allure. The echoes of the past resonate through the town, weaving a narrative of enduring connections.

Through ups and downs, Rangeley's resilience shines through. A steadfast community endures.   Resilient entrepreneurs continue to invest in and uplift the community, embodying Rangeley's unwavering strength and tenacity and ensuring that the spirit of Rangeley thrives.

Contact one of our local realtors to find your dream home or get away!

Blue Flame Gas Company

Explore, Shop, and Unwind in Beautiful Rangeley, Maine!

Nestled in the heart of this picturesque town, our Main Street village shops are a treasure trove of delights waiting for you to discover.

Unique Gifts Galore:
From one-of-a-kind local artisan crafts to charming souvenirs, we've got the perfect gifts for every occasion. Find something special that speaks to your heart.

A Haven for Bookworms:
Step into our quaint bookshop (and other stores) and lose yourself in the pages of captivating stories, knowledge, and imagination.

Fashion and More:
Explore stylish boutiques for clothing that suits your every mood, from cozy to chic.

Local Produce & Personal Care:
Support local farmers and find fresh produce at our local farmer markets during the summer and fall months.  Or pamper yourself with unique personal care products.

Adventure Awaits:
Prepare for your next outdoor escapade with gear from our trusted outfitters. Whether it's hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, we've got you covered.

Make Memories:
Rangeley, Maine, offers everything you need for unforgettable adventures and evenings with friends. Explore, shop, and create lasting memories.

Don't miss the chance to explore Rangeley's vibrant Main Street shopping scene. We're your gateway to a world of charm, adventure, and discovery. Come, shop, and experience the magic of Rangeley, Maine!

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Dining in the Rangeley Lakes Region

Savor Unforgettable Moments in Rangeley, Maine!

Experience the heart and soul of Rangeley through our diverse dining scene, where every bite is a journey of flavor, and every meal is an event to remember.

Culinary Creativity:

Our chefs take pride in using locally sourced ingredients to craft mouthwatering dishes that celebrate the essence of Maine. Prepare your taste buds for a delightful adventure.

BBQ Bliss & More:

From fabulous BBQ joints to fine dining establishments, Rangeley's culinary landscape caters to every palate. Whether you crave Maine specialties, renowned thin-crust pizza, or a hearty breakfast, we've got you covered.

Dine with a View:

Picture this: a sparkling lake, lush green mountains, and the colors of twilight setting the scene as you enjoy your meal. Dining in Rangeley comes with a breathtaking backdrop.

Indulge in the charm and flavor of Rangeley, Maine. Discover the perfect dining spot to complement your day's adventures, from romantic evenings to casual brunches. Your culinary journey awaits!

Modified Business Hours

Restaurants may have modified hours of operation. View current restaurant hours below.

Restaurant Schedule as of 1/30/2024

M & H Logging & Construction


Agriculture, Fish Farming & Forestry Excavating Sewage Disposal Systems Snowplowing


In 1976, after serving in The United States Army, Scott Millbury and David Joe Haley returned home to Rangeley, Maine and began their career working at harvesting and trucking wood products. Joe bought a skidder for harvesting and road-siding of the wood and Scott handled the transportation of the wood with the truck he purchased. In 1981, after gaining a foothold in the wood business, the partnership of M&H Logging and Construction was formed. Harvesting and hauling wood and constructing forest management roads was the primary task for the next few years. In 1985 M&H purchased two complete logging camps and all the logging and construction equipment from Paul Bolduc Logging Company. With the additional equipment and manpower, it seemed that each new venture grew into another line of work for which there was a demand. With an ever-increasing workload and commitments, a second partnership of J&S Logging was formed. J&S Logging assumed the role of woods operations, harvesting and roadside placement of wood products. With continued expansion of woods operations and sensing an increased environmental concern, in 1992, J&S purchased a cut-to-length harvesting system. The new (at the time) Rottne system of a single grip harvester and Rottne forwarder allowed them to entirely clear a wood lot, or selectively thin out areas and selectively cut damaged or diseased trees, thus promoting a health forest. In 1993, M&H and J&S were voted Northeastern Loggers of the Year” by The Northeastern Loggers Association of Syracuse NY. Throughout the 1990 's and early 2000 's, M&H began traveling to the central and southern parts of the state to expand their construction work. M&H had an office in Gorham Maine during this time frame. While maintaining a close relationship with their private clients, house foundations, driveways, and septic systems back in Rangeley, M&H branched out into many other areas of public construction. State, municipal, and private development work, roads, bridge repair/replacement, and utility work. In 1998, M&H purchased a gravel pit off of Route 16 that is now known as Rangeley Sand and Gravel. Later purchasing a Shale pit in the mid-2000 's now known as Oquossoc Shale and Gravel. Contracting with the Department of Conservation, M&H has built access roads and cleared public lots. Working with the Department of Transportation, M&H has built several stretches of major highways including the reconstruction of Route 2 in Dixfield, Route 27 in Coburn Gore and the Route 3 connector off exit 113 in Augusta. M&H also does commercial pipe work for municipal water and sewage treatment plants, commercial and residential site work for homes and business including building roads, driveways and installing conduit for utilities in residential subdivisions is a large part of their business. The mid-2000 's saw a scale back as M&H returned home to the Western Mountains as there was an increasing amount of work to be done around the Rangeley Lakes Region. With new commercial buildings going up around town there was plenty of earth to be moved from their backyard. Over the past decade and a half M&H has helped construct the Rangeley Public Safety Building, Backwoods Clothing and Embroidery, Franklin Savings Bank, Rangeley IGA, Parkside and Main Restaurant just to name a few, as well as serving many other local clients. Recent projects include phase 1 of the Rangeley Town Park, rebuilding and replacing the water main on High and School Street, and the rebuilding of the Carry Road in Oquossoc. On the logging side of things, M&H and J&S transformed from hand crews to a mechanical crew with the purchase of a feller buncher, two grapple skidders, delimber, and a chipper during this timeframe. M&H traded away the Rottne Cut-to-Length operation in 2015 as their job was complete after 20 years of service. M&H has grown and prospered through diversification, top notch quality and good, old fashion hard and honest work. They are ever thankful for a very competent and loyal work force.

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