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Dixie's Tune Shack

Dixie's Tune Shack


Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding Nordic Skiing


Elevate your downhill skiing experience with the precision craftsmanship of Dixie Tune Shack. Glide effortlessly and revel in the snowy slopes by entrusting your skis to our expert care, specializing in Base repair, Edgework, and Waxing.

When it comes to conquering cross-country terrain, the foundation beneath your skis is paramount. Picture hitting the trail on a crisp, dry day with ski bases ill-suited for the conditions; the smooth glide you crave simply won't materialize.

At Dixie Tune Shack, we recognize that the right pattern in the base of your skis can transform your skiing performance. Notably, the standard grinds applied to skis during production may not always align with Maine's prevalent snow type. That's where our seasoned ski technicians shine. With a wealth of experience, they ensure your skis deliver the exact glide you desire, perfectly tailored to the day's unique conditions.

Unleash the full potential of your skiing adventure with Dixie Tune Shack – where expertise meets precision for an unparalleled glide every time.

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